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About Me


Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

    (but please feel free to fly me anywhere in the world:)

​I use only the highest-quality, professional face paints which are:


  • hypoallergenic

  • cosmetic grade

  • water-based and non-greasy

  • fast-drying and comfortable to wear

  • easy to remove (most colors will come off with warm water; use mild soap if needed)

There's nothing quite like the look on someone's face when they see themselves in the mirror after getting their face painted. I've been a professional face and body painter since 2003 and I'm still blown away by how primal and universal the experience of being adorned is.

If you're planning an event and might be interested in providing this experience to your guests, please get in touch. I can work with almost any theme, from elegant to outrageous, from a temporary "test-drive tattoo" to a full-body transformation. I can work solo or assemble a team of talented artists, if needed.

  • Night Clubs
  • Corporate Events
  • Fairs/Festivals
  • Birthday Parties
  • Day of The Dead
  • Halloween
  • Photo Shoots
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